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Inspiration from Makoto Kobayashi’s Future Tanks series, a prototype German tank known as and the Soviet engineered (credit).

concept tanks: Concept tank art by Oscar Cafaro

Tank art by our friend Oscar Cafaro. Keywords: tank military concept art by professional concept artist oscar cafaro film vfx visual eff.

UCHG #6 1/35 M61A5 Main Battle Tank

Hard Graph series release of the Type 61 tanks used by the Semovente Team in the second episode of "Mobile Suit Gundam MS Igloo: The Hidden One Year War.

Fenris Tank Variants by on @deviantART

The Fenris is a practical and versatile main battle tank. While not ideally suited to highly mobile modern warfare, the Fenris and its variants will dom.

Soul Cube — 1cyberimplant1:   Jan Buragay

qsy-draws-a-lot: “ freshfoam: “Artwork by Jan Buragay ” as you can see, you don’t have to draw super crisp hard lines to draw guns that make sense.