dream art style(jjk,hxh,dn,nge,csm)

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a drawing of a woman with long hair in a dress and boots, holding an umbrella
a black and white drawing of a person wearing a hat with his hand on his face
a digital painting of a man with his hands on his face
an anime character with long hair wearing a black suit and tie, against a red background
Character design references for you
My hope is to share my knowledge with you so you too can expand your love for the arts. Thank you for your interest!
an image of a man's face in adobe
an image of a man holding his face to his chest
浙江总督窖扒皮 on Twitter
浙江总督窖扒皮 on Twitter: "不画了 有参考 #OC https://t.co/elPahIdRGB" / Twitter
an anime character with black hair holding his hand to his chest and looking at the camera
a drawing of a man with headphones on and holding a microphone to his ear
Characters' Names: The Power of Identity
a drawing of a man talking on a cell phone with his hand to his ear