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GRWM: Pregnancy Workout 3rd Trimester
Get Ready & Workout with Me at 31 Weeks Pregnant. 🤰🏼 Let’s break down this prenatal workout: 5-10 min – walk, 5 min – mobility, 5-8 min - pelvic floor and core activations, 10 min - upper body, 15-20 min - lower body, 5-10+ min cool down. I do a strength-based workout 3x/week, hour-long walks with stairs/inclines the other days, and daily nighttime stretches. Great for pelvic pain, posture, sleep, and preparing your body for labor! Action Jacquelyn. GRWM: Pregnancy Workout 3rd Trimester
Exercise For Slim Waist & Flatten Belly - Flat Belly Exercise
Toned Arms Workout - Toned Arms & Breast Workout No Equipment
Sculpt your LEGS at Home!
You don't need fancy equipment to sculpt your legs, dumbbells can work just fine!
Beginning back and shoulder exercise. couple doing they're exercise day!