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two men sitting on chairs with one holding an umbrella and the other standing in front of him
two men in suits sitting on top of a chair with the caption merry pippin treebeard
two pictures with the words my story idea and an image of a boat in the water
The Wreck
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two women sitting on a couch in front of a computer screen with the caption,
a lizard is sitting on top of a laptop keyboard with the caption, when you're writing and someone tries to read over your shoulder
a woman holding an umbrella next to a bird on top of a brick wall with the caption woozy puppies victorian era birth control was somewhat hit and miss
🤣 Book Nerd Problems, Some Funny Jokes, Nerd Problems
the flag of the state of north dakota is depicted on a white t - shirt
two pictures of lions with their mouths open and the words biblical, american, and christian