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One thing that is revealed to us in our training is this concept of kijun (基準) or “standards.” In training, we learn that preferences are different than standards. Preferences are what we tend to like or don’t like, and those desires are whimsical and subject to change based upon mood, availability, or situation. Standards are firm and are more like the principles that we choose to live our lives by which guide all of our behaviors, attitudes, and actions. Click the link to read the rest... Los Angeles, War, Art, Aikido, Martial Art, Law Of Attraction, Warriors, Martial Arts Training, Martial
The Best Martial Artist Have Standards
From the Aikido Center of Los Angeles' Aiki Dojo Message - Standards The best martial artists strive to live their lives by standards. Martial arts training transcends mere physical prowess; it's more than just beating people up. It has to delve deeper and offer more fulfillment, or else life would hold little meaning. To study a martial art is to study the self. When we study ourselves, we learn about our truths, but we realize our untruths as well. Click the link to read the rest...
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the quote you can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves
Damon Torrance
edgar allen poe quote tell me every terrible thing you ever did, and let me love you anyway
*my romantic heart backflips*
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Literally Me 👆
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