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I ran out of art fuel last night so studies it was, this time of the year is so exhausting a step by step process of this will be available at my patreon on january

Good luck my way!

IT’S CUDDLING TIME~! A little something i did for myself, since I’m feeling quite cheesy today, and croissant-au-chocolat ordered me suggested that i put it here! Sooo, yeah, enjoy the cuddles.

Neuri/Alistair by DrianaFeowell.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Of course my grey warden Neuri Tabris with Alistair "It's been so long" The return of Alistair after the escape from the Fade.

inside-the-breach: “ Day 7 - Half-Dressed I guess this isn’t strictly NSFW, but I also really wanted to draw my Mirja Hawke and Fenris again. Changed her name from Chloe because it really didn’t flow well with the Hawke name. Mirja fits much.