Anastazja Mamontova

Anastazja Mamontova

cultural critic
Anastazja Mamontova
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Imbolc мболк (Имолаг, Имэлк, Оймелк) 1-2 февраля.

Candlemas - we celebrate the significance of this midway point between winter and spring. Now, the days begin to grow longer and barren trees stir with new life. In a few short weeks, we’ll see all forms of new life emerge


brigid's cross - imbolc - inner wisdom, getting ready to be made manifest, but still in the waiting, in the wanting

“Dreams make the inner life substantial, giving it dimensionality, colour and form. Ritual is the further enfleshment of the unseen; a way of feeding that which is nourishing us so that our living conversation with the holy in nature grows in strength and vocabulary.” - Toko-pa Turner (  To learn more about working with dreams, sign up for Toko-pa’s free newsletter here:

Calling The Quarters You must be clear in your intent at all times, just as you will be when working magick. Your intent is the key to being a successful Witch.