Soviet Space Era propaganda poster (1960s) Text: We are friends and in space we create peace!

Cccp / Soviet ☭ Space will be ours. We are creative and friendly and clever / We"re making Space to be peaceful forever PROPAGANDA Soviet poster, ussr, 1982

Sun, Air, and Water Increase Your Productivity, 1960s Soviet poster

soviet poster ======================== The inscription on the balls: Sun - Air - Water multiply the strength to work!

Soviet posters pinup style

A little story: - The man: "My dick is like two times bigger than your hand, I think you will love!The woman: "Wait a minute, but it's so big. I wont support!" - Illustration by Valery Barykin. - Board "Art-Russian Pin Up".


Soviet postcard - saying a thin girl eats a good breakfast and a chunky girl eats a good dinner.