Lily Collins

Aw i love Lily Collins so much, think she's gorgeous! And i love her hair in this photo! I want my hair like this!

Lily Collins

Lily As Winnie a few years after she moved to Brighton. She cut her hair after keeping it at a long length for so long.

lily collins

SNOW WHITE Surya namaskar with a smile makes a happy life # lily collins. IS Sharma

Lily Collins

I'm Lily. I'm very shy. I'm a model and i design clothes. I have a dog named Fred. I have a son named Alarick.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins ✾ actress (daughter of Phil Collins, lead vocalist & drummer for Genesis)


Lynda Hopkins 18 and caste 3 musician though I'm not very famous yet I do have siblings but I'm the oldest one 2 brothers and 4 sisters ♥ I hail from hanga, waverly.


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