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These are the ball-jointed dragons made by CuartosDolls in Russia (at least I think it's Russia). They can be posed in almost any position thanks to every body segment having its own ball joint. Want one? Well you're in luck, because the maker is selling them, with white dragons going for €165 (~$220), and every other color including metallics for €240 (~$320).

Yes, no board for random things I'd love to have, yet it would help me feel more creative by having a little pet dragon ;) -Dragon made entirely of ball joints allows you to pose it & hold in your hand.

Eye-catching rings designed to look like animals will gently hug your finger. Realistic animal rings created by talented Japanese designer Jiro Miura.

If you find that these sloth rings that latch onto your fingers like they're a branch in a tree are just not cute enough for you, I may have found what you're looking for. Japanese artist Jiro Miura h.