"That’s what’s missing – the really intuitive issue of our deep sense of longing for connection, our deep sense of wanting to feel that our lives are worthwhile. Those are not measurable quantities." – James Hollis, PhD., Jungian Analyst

Photography inspiration

The ray of light peeking through the crack creates a blinding effect on the subject. The light is so bright that it blinds her vision, covering her eyes in the photo. The black and white filter makes the ray of light even more bright.

Volcano (Kilauea, Hawaii) | Lava Light Galleries

Extremely dangerous lava surf photography is completely worth the risk

25 Adorable and Breathtaking Places Around the World - Volcano Lava Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

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Anthony McCall Creates Hybrid Sculptures From Light

Anthony McCall,Installation view at Hangar Bicocca, Milan, 2009 Photo: Giulio Buono