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a close up of a quilt with flowers and circles on the side, along with other appliques
a quilt with blue and white designs on it
Baskets and Blooms vs. Blooming Baskets and So Much More!
a large quilt is laying on the floor
a quilted table runner with flowers and leaves on the border, in various colors
Yarra Valley Quilting
a quilted table topper sitting on the floor next to some scissors
a quilted table topper with an ornate flower design on it's center
My Newest Jane Austen Quilt: "Lambton"
many different pieces of fabric with flowers and words on them are arranged together in a circle
a close up of a quilt with flowers on it
Progress on Treasures from the Scrap Bin Table Runner
a quilted wall hanging with balloons attached to it
a close up of a quilt with many different designs and colors on it, as well as the center piece
Introducing Windchime – Sue Daley Designs Blog
an old quilt with many different designs on the front and back, all in various colors
Stars and Sprigs BOM quilt
a white wall hanging on the side of a wall next to a clock and window
Auntie Green gifted and gone
scissors and paper cut out leaves with text reading reverse applique how to
Reverse Applique How-To with Spray Starch
an orange flower with white polka dots on it and a needle in the center, sitting on top of a piece of paper
One Piece at a Time