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Park Shin Hye

Queen of RomCom ♥ Park Shin Hye ♥ Flower Boy Next Door ♥ You're Beautiful! ♥ Heartstrings ♥ Don't Worry I'm a Ghost I looooove her!

Hahaha! #Heirs #love #kdrama

) I don't remember if it was this scene. But there was a scene I was like 'Love is the moment' and then it wasn't. Well big chance it was this scene, bc almost all the time it was 'Love is the moment~' xD the heirs

Haha. Kdrama you're beautiful

Who are you fooling Park shin hye! You are korean so everyone sleeps with the lights on? (Acordding to loke every single Kdrama, and you better not be weari g pjs, and dont take off your shoes or make up! Thats just how it works.

I die everytime I see this!! This is more adorable than adorableness!! Just look at the way Xiumin is all shy and how he hides his face in Lulu's neck and Luhan be like "Yes bitches..he's mine!"

XIUHAN - look at Sehun's face i think someone is jealous haha.luhan and xuimin ^^ Luhan "this is a piece of cake, come on, Let's go "

Puhahaha!! I swear we need to make banners and t shirts of this post!! SO FREAKIN' TRUE!! #Kpop #Anime

I swear we need to make banners and t shirts of this post! SO FREAKIN' TRUE! << this literally describes me. First I was an otaku and then I discovered the beauty that is bts.