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Straddle Press Wall Drills 🦋
Setup next to a wall: 1. Sit bones to wall press 2. Chest to wall half straddle press 3. Half straddle press Focus on pushing through the shoulders, pressing the ground away, and slicing the legs out to the sides as the hips lift up 🤍 @drishdia moves in @aloyoga #handstand #yoga #aloyoga #yogatutorial
Flexibility and Contortion workout | Yoga stretch Legs | Yoga flex | Fitness | Gymnastics #yogaposes
You have everything you need to get started with Pilates | Pillats challenge | Flat abs | Flat belly
HasenChat Yoga (210)
Vinyasa Yoga Flow. Vinyasa Flow. Yoga sequences. Yoga vinyasa flow sequence. Yoga vinyasa sequence.
a woman doing yoga poses in a room
Kemetic Yoga: Reconnecting to an ancient understanding
Full bodyflexibility routine | Improve your flexibility and mobility
a woman doing yoga poses with the words want to king pigeon?
One-Legged King Pigeon Pose