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Luna and the sunset  by TurquoiseGirl35

What a beautiful sight,right Luna?

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Asteria the Mother of Stars - Biography by jgss0109

by Sirrrrrrrrrr Glossaryck. of Terms! "Who is alive always appears" - Asteria opened the Age of Heroes. - The biggest biography so far - "wralligator". Asteria the Mother of Stars - Biography

"Ticktock the clock talks, But secret are its powers. The only one to break its spell is Skywynne, Queen of Hours." Skywynne is the daughter of Hylia, t. Skywynne the Queen of Hours

Nova The Renovator's Biography by Shyhobbistdrawer31

Yes, she kinda looks like Febe from Nova's animal stack and varied activities were inspired by the portuguese king, Carlos I, who did them as . Nova The Renovator's Biography