Люблю сериалы,фильмы и книги. Единственные аниме, которые по душе- Стальной Алхимик и Хвост Феи.
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Hahaha, ow my - Haikyuu

LMAOOO SUGA NO (remember haikyuu stage play tho, that ass slap? Lmao Suga would totally do this xD )

DaiSuga. I-I had to. Suga's reaction was begging me to, I swear

Suga's reaction was begging me to, I swear<<< I usually don't ship same gender ships but this is too cute not to pin

Haikyuu!! | Iwazumi Hajime | Oikawa Tooru

Iwazumi Hajime + Oikawa Tooru Iwaoi, please say that are td chilren you got from each other 😏 - Haikyuu!