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Hahaha, ow my - Haikyuu

"and get us to fuck suga" motivational (remember haikyuu stage play tho, that ass slap? Lmao Suga would totally do this )


Read Broken Mind from the story When the Ball Hits the Floor [ KageHina ] [ COMPLETED ] by LucyUchiha_ (Good Memes) with reads.

Haikyuu!! | Iwazumi Hajime | Oikawa Tooru

Iwazumi Hajime + Oikawa Tooru Iwaoi, please say that are td chilren you got from each other 😏 - Haikyuu!

Captains and setters Haikyuu

Akaashi is so done with bokuto / suga is happy video taping/ Iwaizumi will soon pulverize oikawa & kenma has just died !