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two men standing next to each other in front of a window with their hands up
очмл 🔥
two people are kissing in the back of a car with their arms around each other
Обои лвпг /очмл/лето в пионерском галстуке/о чем молчит ласточка
two people standing next to each other in front of a piano with words written on it
Только ее я жду…
two people hugging each other with the words in russian and english on them, as well as
ЛВПГ обои
an image of a man laying down with his head on the back of another man
two men are kissing each other while one is wearing glasses and the other has his head on another man's shoulder
an open book sitting on top of a pile of books with the words 10 kri,
10 книг, которые стоит прочитать каждому современному подростку - Лайфхакер
a woman standing in front of purple flowers with her hands on her head and eyes closed
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Beauty : Target
Beauty : Target
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Grunge inspo
two women are standing on the sidewalk eating ice cream and looking at something in her hand