Клуб Идеи для личного дневника

Клуб Идеи для личного дневника << dunno what this means but that whale is cute

Resultado de imagen para dibujos pinterest

I really like this pic bc i lt stands out the colors and it shows so much detail on it and the dress of the girl is really pretty with the colors they added to her ~Andrea Anaya

Original Illustration availabe on Etsy Made with watercolor, gouache and gold acrylic, hope you like it! Find me on: facebook instagram Etsy twitter tumblr redbubble

English: This is a sketch of a drawing that I want to finish later, it began as the result of the procrastination (like always) just because to ease off the work, but the result likes me and I thin.<<<said by previous pinner

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Blowing Bubbles by qinni

qinni: “ Blowing bubbles daily sketch for July A concept I’m really happy with;