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Connor aw

connor franta - the cutest hamster on earth everyone

hahaha // 5 Seconds of Summer 5sos // humor // 5SOS // Ashton Irwin // Luke Hemmings // Michael Clifford // Calum Hood

This is funny because calum, luke, and Michael all went to the same school and when they made the band, Michael was like "damn we need a drummer" so they found ashton and bam. thousands of girls hearts exploded.

Eleanor looks really beautiful btw

Eleanor Calder, she is soo beautiful. It's probably because she's beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. I don't ship Elounor but she gets way to much hate. Sorry if this makes anyone mad. My apologies


“ I know I’m not some hot male rock star but if you guys wanna throw bras on stage at my show, feel free.

literally me

Connor has taken full custody of the beanie on this trip