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a watercolor painting of blue flowers in a white frame on a wooden wall,
⠀🖌Drawing by Needle ✂️ on Instagram: “Оформление @studia_d_ ❤ #Lanarte_Blue_Flowers_💙 #show_me_your_hobby #вышивка_крестиком #вышивальщицыпоймут #вышивальныйманьяк #handmade…”
a man holding up a painting with hot air balloons
Вышитая работа пользователя fedotov (#133)
a cross - stitch kit is sitting on a table next to some yarn and flowers
Вышитая работа пользователя Libby (#15)
a cross stitch picture with chickens and a ladder
���� #140 - ����� �� ������� 017 - Mosca
Gallery.ru / Фото #140 - Схемы из альбома 017 - Mosca
there is a glass jar with seashells in it next to a starfish
Barci cu vele - autor scheme Usova Anastasia
a painting of a lighthouse in the middle of some bushes
NonStopStitch - Etsy
a cross stitch picture frame with a wine bottle and vineyard scene on the wall behind it
Dimensions "Dreaming of Tuscany" made by me :) ✌️
six framed flowers are hanging on the wall
three cross stitch pictures hanging in a white frame
NonStopStitch - Etsy
four cross stitch pictures hanging on a white wooden wall, each with a house and boat in the water
NonStopStitch - Etsy
four cross stitch pictures in a red frame on a couch next to a gray chair
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