честный труд

"Honest work and good behavior will expedite your release from prison" USSR poster

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You’ve Worked Good – You’ve Earned Good! Social ad that was created in 1964 to motivate workers to intensify their performance.

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плакат, ссср, история, музей детства, XX век

Pioneer and pupils, enroll in technical study groups! no: 340 Artist: Uspensky B.

Почему на Руси много пьют, и кто в этом виноват | Русская семерка

"A river begins with a small stream, drunkenness with just a glass" 1929

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In a country where they cherish your health, creative work is easy and joyful!

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temperance poster

vintage everyday: Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters from

Техника - молодёжи 1953-08, страница 1

How Soviet Artists Imagined Communist Life in Space - A miniature Moon base from the cover of Tekhnika Molodezhi (Youth Technics), August 1953

Клуб аметистов,клуб атеистов,разное,культура

Клуб аметистов,клуб атеистов,разное,культура