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"Honest work and good behavior will expedite your release from prison" USSR poster

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You’ve Worked Good – You’ve Earned Good! Social ad that was created in 1964 to motivate workers to intensify their performance.

"One who doesn't work doesn't eat either" Unknown author_1960 — Московский плакат

"One who doesn't work doesn't eat either" Unknown — Московский плакат

Anti Alcohol USSR Vodka, 1977 - original vintage Soviet propaganda poster by I. Fridman (one of a set of anti-drinking posters), listed on AntikBar.co.uk

Powerful anti-alcohol poster from the Soviet Union's 'dry law' campaign.

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AtPrint: Акция "Скачай и распечатай" социальный плакат о защите окружающей среды от Интернет-портала GreenEvolution.ru

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