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1942 A sad image of the execution of young Jews

During the occupation, SS troops often made public executions. Photo: the first public execution on the occupied territories. The Germans hanged 2 teenagers for helping captured Soviet soldiers (Belarus, November

Dr Fritz Klein the camp doctor standing in a mass grave at Belsen. He worked in Auschwitz-Birkenau for a year from December 1943 where he assisted in the selection of prisoners to be sent to the gas chambers. After a brief period at Neungamme Klein moved to Belsen in January 1945. [800x798]

Fritz Klein, a concentration camp doctor, stands in a mass grave in Belsen [[MORE]] April Fritz Klein, a Nazi camp doctor who conducted medical experiments on prisoners during the Holocaust, stands among corpses in a mass grave after.

Тела советских граждан, убитых у деревни Багерово

Soviet soldiers remove the bodies of civilians killed by German forces in the village of Bagerovo, Kerch Peninsula, Crimea, January 1942 - namraka: “Battle of the Kerch Peninsula was a World War II offensive by German and Romanian armies against the.