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Jesus' name means: 'JEHOVAH is Salvation.' (The Catholic Encyclopaedia 1913 vol. viii p. Jehovah is the Father and God of Christ Jesus (Please read Psalm Luke John For truth please visit JW.ORG (image: Diamonds, jewels, rings black and white icons)

Cotton Candy Coffee! Why did I not think of this!?!

Cotton Candy Coffee -- watch the cotton candy melt as you pour hot espresso over it. Add milk to make an iced cotton candy latte!

Check lalitmourya207's Instagram Letter "L" design with Copic wide marker....How is it?....✌ Follow me @lalit.mourya207 #lalitmourya207 #calligraphymasters #typegang #handmadefont #goodtype #thedailytype #copicmarkers #copicwide @copicmarker 1591369018688832456_2028273825

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