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Anonymous, 'Yggdrasil tree' (ca. 1680)  A depiction of the world tree or cosmic ash tree, from an Icelandic manuscript containing several illustrations from Norse mythology. Yggdrasil is drawn surrounded by various animals, which live in and on it. Of particular relevance is Ratatoskr, a green squirrel on the bottom left, who, according to Norse mythology, runs up and down Yggdrasil to carry messages between the eagle, shown at the top, and the dragon, Niohöggr, who gnaws at the roots.

Yggdrasil, from a century manuscript of Snorri's Edda known as Edda Oblongata. Ash - wood for traditional Yule log. It is the sacred tree of the Teutons, associated with the mythical tree Yggdrasil. In some ways this amulet against evil forces.

Eagle atop Yggdrasill. “The snake Nicfhbggr lies below, by Hvergelmir, gnawing at the root. The squirrel Ratatoskr 1 runs up and down, trying to sow discord between the snake and the eagle who is perched aloft. The eagle’s name is not given, he is a bird of great knowledge and sagacity; betwixt his eyes sits a HAWK Ve&rfolnir?”

I believe it is supposed to symbolize the levels of the world.


Ratatoskr (Drill Tooth) the squirrel runnig up and down the Yggdrasil carrying insulting messages between the dragon Nidhogg at the Well of Hvergelmir and the eagle sitting on the top of The Tree.