Glory To the First Cosmonaut Yu.A. Gagarin! 1961 Artist: Valentin Viktorov (1909-1981) A fine Gagarin poster by Valentin Viktorov. (soviet / russian / poster / propaganda / space age / atomic age / space race )

Up for Bids: Classic Soviet Space Propaganda Posters

The Burglar. 'It's amazing how folks just leave their doors unlocked,' he thought as he strolled into the large house.

vintage everyday: Soviet Pin-Up Style – 45 Fun and Flirty Images from the Merging of Soviet Social Posters with American Pin-Up Art Valery Barykin

Very strong visual metaphor in action: no words required for this narrative. Soviet anti-drunkenness poster.

Gorgeous Vintage Soviet Art and Propaganda Posters

Vintage Soviet Fashion Art

Vintage Soviet Fashion Art *the resounding question is: is this FATE? Is FATE chosen, or was it by spiritual awakening did she cease in existence?

Guess what could happen if we mix American Pin-up illustration style with classic Russian posters! Valery Barykin, a Russian artist made the experiment with an awesome final result!

sovietbuildings: Russia, Dombai, Rehabilitation...

sovietbuildings: Russia, Dombai, Rehabilitation...


MIG 15 This swept-wing Soviet fighter has a similar lack of nose to the Polikarpov plane, only this puppy has one of the most advanced Rolls-Royce engines ever built at that time. This plane mass produced to the tune of

Пин ап

Contemporary pinup and illustration work from Novgorod, Russia artist Valery Barykin