PERFECT IDEA. Color labels and then use the stamps for your own icon sticker…

PERFECT IDEA ~ Color labels and then use stamps for your own icon sticker. Perfect for any planner but makes the Erin Condren look amazing!

2013 Calendar Sticker Black Index for Monthly Planner Scheduler Organizer Agenda…

2014 Calendar Index Tab Bookmark Sticker Pink & Black Diary Scrapbook Decoration

Get your planner ready for the new year with these awesome free planner…

15 Free Planner Printables

Celebrating the launch of the Craftsposure 2016 Planner & Diary, I've teamed up with Steph from Make and Tell to give you these free printable stickers to bling up your planner!

Printable Quote Stickers Printable Planner by TheCherryCollection

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