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I actually don't watch this, *blushes embarrassedly*, I just thought everything that was going on in this gif was really cute

Don't make fun of him he hAS A WEAPON (;) A small Kagehina gif that took longer than expected to make XD frames*cough* I used Clip Studio to draw the frames and Photoshop to animate! ❤️Please ONLY repost with CREDIT.

i rl ylove asaahi's representation like they dont full out state it but he has social anxiety and it makes me happy they show its not just meek, feeble, small people who have it andthat its a serious issue that affects people regardless of who they are and im just happt man

I may be in love with Suga, and Kenma may be my precious child, but I am, absolutely Asahi.

volleyball and chill

girlwiththewhiterabbit: “ ‘I’ve been whipped into shape by some ruffians, so…’ tokyo captains are scary hahahaha it’s okay daichi u came out a stronger man because of it ”

Haikyuu!! Season 2 || kuroo's laugh - YouTube

Haikyuu Episode 2 - Nishinoya Yu, Tanaka Ryunosuke, Taketora Yamamoto and Kuroo Tetsurou - Episode 4