Идеи для дома

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Идея для владельцев смарт-квартир: дизайн ванной комнаты и туалета

We're loving the somewhat eclectic nature of this bathroom - mixing different tiles together can have a stunning visual effect.

Окраска стен / Декор стен / Модный сайт о стильной переделке одежды и интерьера

Для дома

I have no idea what any of that says, but I'm fairly certain that is an old tee wrapped around a roller.

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Mine dad understands that I is no ordinary cat. So no ordinary cat flaps for me! Dad wents wild and added a whole additions to ther house justs for me.

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Make your hall way look more stylish with vintage coat hangers. Coat hanger can become a great part of your hallway decor. You can make vintage coat hanger

Оригинальная полочка для обуви

Too often, the entryway is where everyone in the family dumps their belongings when they come home. But you can make this space orderly and functional with our easy and stylish solutions.

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Dress up a floating shelf. An ordinary floating shelf transformed into an elegant Antique-style table with a little bit of clever paintwork.

Идеи организации пространства.

Идеи организации пространства.

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