*✿**✿**✿**✿*✿** except mines a tripawd dog and a huge belly because I’m pregnant ❤️❤️❤️


sweet little mice reading in an arm chair by the christmas tree - can't find source to credit artist

water the mind with a book, [by Christine Ellger], at Rose cottages and gardens

roughed up book like this one. If you do not open the book, NOTHING will grow!

Good night

by Margie Senechal Yesterday was Book Lovers Day. I'd have to say just about every day is book lovers day for me--be it my own proj.

With a heavy heart, times like this reminded him what Lincoln must have been faced.

Love this illustration!

Color and style Jill Barclem, Brambly Hedge. Love the detail in the illustrations in this set, spent ages pouring over them when young now my little one adores them too.