Chaleco cruzado

Умелые ручки

i think you could make this with tunisian. when it gets the the split, you could keep working half the stitches until both halves are long enough and then start stitching across the entire piece again at the other end.

Fashion Icon: Olivia Palermo Street Style New York  More images on the blog

Blue jeans, blue denim shirt, black flats and beige-grey oversized sweater - perfect casual autumn/fall outfit casual Olivia Palermo


Lampert Lampert Busta - this is by u it is a consignment shop we need to check it out - Malene Birger.

Revista mujer Urban 84 Otoño / Invierno | 1: Mujer Poncho | Rosa claro / Rosa oscuro

Model / Pattern of Poncho of Woman of Autumn / Winter from KATIA