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Ryszard Kaja Sudety Polska | Polish Promotion Poster

Sudety Mountains Polish promotion poster Check also other posters from PLAKAT-POLSKA series Original Polish poster designer: Ryszard Kaja year: 2013 size:

The poster effectively shows how oil is affecting animals by creating a whale from the nasty oil. Whales normally are more majestic and free, but this whale don't look happy at all.

Like most WWF posters, the message conveyed here is direct and literal. The image is easy to understand, however I'd like to have a subtler approach for my project.

William Hays: This is a one color linocut print, something I do rarely. It is the view from my studio window on Main Street in Brattleboro, Vermont. It's title is "Brattleboro Moon" and it is 7" x 5".

“Brattleboro Moon”, linoleum block print, handmade by William Hays.The image is of the full moon setting behind the Hotel Pharmacy and Boomerang on Elliot Street in Brattleboro.