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Japanese beauty site Kami Mado ( created some step by step instructions for long hair styles. - I find them quite useful. What about you? Are you looking for hair tutorials once in a while?
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8 Simple Exercises to Reduce Flabby Arms-Do you have a fat accumulation in the arm area? Do you think twice before selecting a sleeveless dress for you because you have flabby arms If yes, then I must tell that you can lose the stubborn arm fat and get those toned and sculpted arms by doing certain exercises which are specifically meant to lose arm fat.
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Find and save knitting and crochet schemas, simple recipes, and other ideas collected with love.
Easy refreshing Strawberry Water that is high in antioxidants , sugar free and low in calories!
Oh so creamy strawberry cheesecake popsicles.
BLISS! | healthy + quick frozen strawberry yogurt. I swapped the strawberries for a frozen summer fruits berry mix.
Frozen mini yogurt cubes.