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40 Pinterest-Ready Inspirational Quotes

My first ever pin on quotes! I love quotes and inspiration it my life. "What Ever You Decide To Do Make Sure It Makes You Happy.

I've had teachers ask if I was feeling ok before....

Pale people problems.

Funny pictures about Pale People Problems. Oh, and cool pics about Pale People Problems. Also, Pale People Problems photos.

"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it." Step out of comfort zone, take chances, make mistakes, and go for your dreams :) Bill Cosby

I... did not expect that.

That ended differently. But I can't say I'm not satisfied.<< it was really sad and I thought I we going to comment about how they should not be encouraging anorexia because it is an awful thing to experience but then she ate him.

How to draw a bird.

Art lessons for kids. Step by step drawing for beginners - draw an Owl (Drawing Step Bird)