Ажурные снежинки.


Christmas DIY handmade paper-cut snowflakes illustration Each pattern has beauty to burst

в  цветах:   Белый, Светло-серый, Бежевый, Розовый.  в  .

Эффект бабочки: 9 идей дизайна для стен

How to make Origami Butterflies These are lovely butterflies for a baby mobile or paper craft. The site is in German

ribbon and beads

Make the holes bigger and the child can lace the tree themselves. Then add glitter, buttons, and stickers after! Simple Christmas craft for kids.

Как украсить окна к НГ - Поделки с детьми | Деткиподелки

Как украсить окна к НГ - Поделки с детьми | Деткиподелки

новогодняя елка своими руками

Make use of things around the house, especially remnants of prior decorations such as extra ribbons and cone stands to create this one of a kind Christmas tree.

объемные снежинки из бумаги

The three-star day. Traditional paper stars braided copy paper white as snow flakes. They are waiting for enthusiastic decorator to add yet a tad beads and glitter.