Mikhail Vrubel 1856 –1910

In 1901, Vrubel returned to the demonic themes in the large canvas Demon Downcast. In order to astound the public with a spiritual message, he repeatedly repainted the demon's ominous face, even after the painting had been exhibited to the overwhelmed audience. In the winter of 1910, Vrubel deliberately stood before an open window,completely naked, in the middle of winter and caught a cold. The same year he died from pneumonia and was buried in St. Petersburg.
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Михаил Врубель

Pan - the god of the forest of the ancient Slavs / by Vrubel

Михаил Врубель

Михаил Врубель

Михаил Врубель

Mikhail Aleksandrovitch Vrubel Rose in a Glass 1904 Watercolor on paper mounted on cardboard via museum-online.

Self Portrait, 1885 by Mikhail Vrubel. Realism. self-portrait

Self Portrait Artist: Mikhail Vrubel Completion Date: Place of Creation: Kiev, Ukraine Style: Realism Genre: self-portrait Technique: watercolor Material: paper

Mikhail Vrubel: Mystic Painter and Russian Symbolist

Mikhail Vrubel was a painter, sculptor, theater designer, draftsman, and illustrator. His work stands out because of its originality.