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The Kurt Cobain Smoking Poster is a dorm supply that's a fun poster for college. Items for college like rock music posters are necessary supplies for college for music and Nirvana lovers. The best dorm posters are cheap posters that are dorm wall decor.

Kurt Cobain-Nirvana..................................

A talented yet troubled grunge performer, Kurt Cobain became a rock legend in the with his band, Nirvana. He committed suicide at his Seattle home in


🌈 You are my sunshine, the oxygen I breath, my sky, all my stars, the reason why I smile everyday 🌈

Bambam and Youngjae. KISSES FOR DAYS!!! ⌒(o^▽^o)ノ <3♡<3♡<3♡<3♡<3♢♢♢♢°•◇ #Got7 #ADORABLE

bambam, and youngjae - poor BamBam. why does he keep ending up on the victim end of these scenarios.


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