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Gerard Way

Gerard Way
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Gerard Way

i've seen ppl getting really ugly over the fact that gerard lost a lot of weight during DD, and that he's gaining it back now. can we just agree that gerard is beautiful in all sizes?

Gerard Way & Ray Toro | Three Cheers Era

you've worn out all your dancingshoes ✧ gerard way and ray toro of my chemical romance

Gerard and Frank ~ My Chemical Romance (

Frank was really young ((Gerard Way and Frank iero from My Chemical Romance))

My Chemical Romance

Q and A with Rocker Gerard Way Interview by James Wigney From: Sunday Herald Sun January 1 2012 GERARD Way formed My Chemical Romance just over 10 years ago in response to the September 11 terr…

My Chemical Romance Fan Art

Love this piece of Art of MCR, Let there be A Killljoy in All of US!

Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance

Born on today's date, Gerard Way. "We are not a festival band, playing during the day.

Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance. i love the fact that ever since he got married, he never goes without his ring :) Cause it bothers me when men dont wear their rings.