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Danse Tara Tara est un bouddha féminin et l'une des divinités féminines les plus importants dans le bouddhisme népalais et tibétain.  Le nom…

Dancing Tara Tara is a female Buddha and one of the most prominent female deities in Nepalese and Tibetan Buddhism. The name Tara means the “one who saves” and as the goddess of compassion, her job is to alleviate people from suffering.

A Gupta period sandstone sculpture depicting Queen Maya and the infant Buddha. According to Buddhist traditional accounts, Queen Maya died seven days after the birth of her son.

There are many similarities between events in the lives of Buddha and Jesus. Buddha had a miraculous conception. His mother Queen Maya had a dream that an elephant appeared and entered her right.

Yakshi beneath a mango tree, eastern gateway | Sanchi, India | Photograph by Claude & Masako

Yakshi beneath a mango tree, eastern gateway


Mandarava was, along with Yeshe Tsogyal, one of the two principal consorts of great century Indian tantric teacher Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), a founder-figure of Tibetan Buddhism, described as a 'second Buddha' by many practitioners.

Yeshe Tsogyal Tantric Female Master ✿✿✿ Yeshe Tsogyal is the most important historical female figure in the tradition of the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma school. She was married to a king but became the intimate companion of Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism to Tibet from India, at the age of 16. She is often depicted in his thangkas, kneeling at his side along with Mandarava, his Indian consort. Padmasambhava said to her “The basis for realizing enlightenment is a human body. Male or…

Yeshe Tsyogal the Great Chod Adept Machig par LauraSantiSacredArt

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Green Tara

Green Tara, the Bodhisattva of compassionate action who manifests in female form. Tara's name is said to derive from the verb meaning "to cross" or "to traverse". In Tibet, Tara is Drolma, which means "she who saves.


Donald Carol Dakinis A dakini (Sanskrit: “sky dancer”) is a Tantric priestess of ancient India who “carried the souls of the dead to the sky”. This Buddhist figure is particularly upheld in Tibetan Buddhism. The dakini is a female being of generally.

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