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Alexey Tyukavkin
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(Wireframe) Given the low detail in the body my character has, this parameterization is good enough.

LouisGray.jpg (864×1148)

I really like the transition from the body to arm. I will try to use the loop that wraps around the arm for my characters ears.

IMM-Brushes-Thumbnails-Part-5 by on @DeviantArt

Here are some of the FREE ZBrush IMM Brushes I have released so far [link]. Thanks to those artists who have contributed

Gisaeng, Jeen Lih Lun on ArtStation at

An older artwork, probably earlier I was completely stunned when I saw this illustration by Dean Holdeen on CGhub one day, and determined to turn this into a piece of fanart. It was great fun sculpting her.