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Alexey Trusevich

Alexey Trusevich
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- - - The Goddess devotees are "Magnetically Powerful" really really gets your Eiffel tower up when your masculinity is stirred in ♀♀Her♀♀ being your property! right up through many other "Natures" ranging from "Leda" or she's "Bi-Sexual" "Husbandry" etc


How to visualize a collection? What to say, how to deduce and express your vision. Perhaps, the right visuals speak without shouting, truly move their audience and embody the sincere spirit of the garments.

Картинки по запросу light & shadow

(Dislike: lower portion of photo is very difficult to see because it is so dark, making it unbalanced) Soft light is shining from directly above the subject, maybe reflecting from below to show the rest of the body.


I usually shy away from a double breast. But, this one is so slimming, form fit, and styling. It can be cutting edge classy, or just plane classic classy. I am thinking about this in a specific blue.