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Alexey Poludarov

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Alexey Poludarov
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#NotBuyingIt App Counters Sexist Advertising, Offers Users A Community To Discuss Offensive Ads

This is a clear gender role of men and women. The man is only using the woman for her body and covering her face with the car picture. The women is a clear symbol of a sex object.

food advertising ideas

Most of the food advertising ideas depend on a creative concept that show the features of the product or attract consumers. Here are some creative food advertising ideas.

Snickers Ad, quite funny. Take a look. You're not you when you're hungry...

“ Snickers: You’re not you when you’re hungry. Love Snickers’ campaign “you’re not you when you’re hungry”! The concept was developed behind universal insights that hunger makes a person weak and.

Wine & Spirit festival poster #cleavege #winefestival #poster

Brandy and Wine. Invaluable Tips For Learning More About Wine. Everywhere you look, there is wine. Still, wine can be a frustrating and confusing topic. If you are ready to simplify the puzzle of wine, start here.

Darth Vadar's suit is black, along with the table, background, and lighsaber. His head and chest area are lightened up to show what he is doing. There are batteries on the lower right side on the table, below is the brand name in white with smaller white letters underneath. Using Vadar is saying the batteries are strong enough for even Darth Vadar to use.

This is a very funny and unique ad for Duracell. It depicts Darth Vader trying to put in batteries into his light saber in order for it to work. This is very cool and works well for this picture.