The Second Man book cover by Paul Rand: 1956

"The Second Man" book jacket by American graphic designer Paul Rand photo via on cover book book cover covering

The Condemned of Altona cover by Paul Rand A Paul Rand book paperback book cover design. The Condemned of Altona by Jean Paul Sartre.

Westinghouse ad: designed by Paul Rand

book cover by paul rand Westinghouse ad: designed by Paul Rand Modern Movements in Architecture: vintage book cover Book co.

ceramics by Paul Rand

I didn't need to know there are Paul Rand enamel plates floating around out there.

Paul Rand, Sartre - The Devil And The Good Lord

Jean Paul Sartre, The Devil & The Good Lord and Two Other Places, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Jacket by Paul Rand.

Advertising | Paul Rand, American Modernist (1914-1996)

Paul Rand, Forum, Creating a coherence between the shapes and the letters creates a highly recognizable expression. Making the Flamingo and Forum related by color and placement in the poster furthermore stregnthens the coherence.

Paul Rand.

Sparkle and Spin: A 1957 Children’s Book About Words by Iconic Designer Paul Rand by Maria Popova A mid-century lens on the relationship between language and image, shape and sound, thought and expression.