Alexei Tikhonov

Alexei Tikhonov

Alexei Tikhonov
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Pliot suit by Fredrik Stertman. (via Fredrik Stertman - Online Portfolio) More Characters here.

Future like girls in robot outfits. and usually, if the mind is not interested, the art will not be as good.

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Sort of more realistic and intimidating armor than Halo USNC soldiers (or a sick paintball mask lol)

Black Templar by Viktor-Bright

Black Templar by ViktorBright on DeviantArt ** oooh this fits in very well with an idea I had many years ago.

SOVIET BLACKJACK BOMBER FIRING AS-15 MISSILE The BLACKJACK bomber, developed in the 1980s, could carry nuclear-armed AS-15 cruise missiles for its strike and reconnaissance role in a nuclear war. The new BLACKJACK and the AS-15 long-range, air-launched cruise missile significantly increased the Soviet bomber force's weapons delivery capability and survivability.

During the Cold War, the DIA commissioned artists to illustrate accurate portrayal of Soviet military systems to accompany official briefings.

Recon Marine by ~AlexJJessup on deviantART There would be nothing "Swift, silent or deadly" about wearing all of this crap. I bet most of it would stay in a kit bag unused. It is an excellent drawing though.

This is awesome! Where can I get NVG that make me look like a Sand Man from Star Wars? Recon Marine by AlexJJessup on deviantART