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Image 34 of 40 from gallery of Venice Biennale Architecture as New Geography / Grafton Architects, Silver Lion Award. Card model of the new building for the Ecole d'économie de Toulouse - TSE, Toulouse France / Grafton Architects © Alice Clancy

Apartment Loans - if you're looking at an inner city apartment, banks and lenders generally don't like studios so much better to get a one bedroom apartment if you can. This will also give you more choice of lenders now and into the future.

Futuristic Floating City Looks Like a Manta Ray, is Completely Self-Sufficient and Can House 7,000 People

French architect Jacques Rougerie has envisioned a giant floating city which bears a striking resemblance to a manta ray, named City of Mériens.

Oscar Niemeyer.

Story of Curves And Squares Guillaume Rio-Oscar Niemeyer, The Management Board, Paris, curves, shapes