Calligrafitti - Russian Artist Pokras Lampas paints calligraphy on female bodies

Artist blends modern graffiti with ancient calligraphy on naked bodies

Покрас Лампас

One of the most distinguished modern calligraphy representatives, one of the opinion leaders of modern calligraphy community.

Collaboration project with the X Dubai. 30 hours of work, 4 kinds of gold paint, including gold leaf for thin details. Matt black wrapping, covered over by glossy black calligraphy pattern on background.

by Pokras Lampas

by Pokras Lampas

NIKE x Pokras Lampas: 3D CALLIGRAPHY OBJECT. on Behance

Collaborative project by NIKE Russia and Pokras Lampas. modern calligraphy art installation for their biggest in Europe flagship store in Moscow.