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Instead of one thousand words -.


Chocolate to cool a little and even warm ganache completely pour the cake. Leave the cake at room temperature for 2 hours, and then for the same time - in the

ИНГРЕДИЕНТЫ: ● 1 яйцо ● 120 г сахара (я кладу 100г) ● 120 г сметаны ● 80 г муки ● 15 г крахмала ● 1 […]

Tort „Capriciul Doamnei” - un desert aspectuos și extra delicios!

fabulous wedding dripped cake

Drip Wedding Cakes

Cakes By Cliff: vanilla layered buttercake with Swiss meringue buttercream topped with mixed berries, macarons, fresh flowers, a huge pink sail, toasted meringue and burgundy coloured piping

Cakes - Taarten

Santa´s little helper

CJ Sweet Treats

The 12 Sweet Traditions of Christmas Day 5 - TRIMMING - by Carlie Taylor of CJ Sweet Treats and photography by The Wedding & Portrait Studio The next.

Little pony Cake by Soraia Amorim

Little pony Cake

Castle Cake - Cake by Kek Couture

Beautiful princess cake by Kek Couture, in Istanbul Turkey

Russian baker, Olga Noskova, is the countess of confection with 599,000 Instagram followers, because of her desserts that are so luscious, you'll want to take a picture of them. And so lustrous you can take a selfie in their reflection!

Secret Recipes: The Perfect Mirror Marble Cake

Russian baker, Olga Noskova, is the countess of confection with