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Мастерская дизайнерской мебели из фанеры UNTOTHISLAST

CD Rack 145 White - Also comes as a DVD rack, could be great for storing collectibles

Would love to curl up here and read for a week.

Unusual Library, it looks like a clock. Perfect for a enchanted / wonderland library! The center needs to lead to a reading nook.

Книжная полка-невидимка пошагово

This easy diy project can solve all of your problems, plus, it’s unique and kind of artsy. Great for a college dorm room.

Andreas Janson Jo 49 Shelf

Andreas Janson Jo 49 Shelf - JO 49 is a shelving system.

Просто блог: Книги в интерьере: современные книжные полки

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