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Alevtina Lyapunova
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yama-bato:    Paul Klee

Paul Klee is one of my favorite artist. I've reproduced a few of his works for an art class at university and for my art therapy sessions at the Breast Cancer clinic @ Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.

Kim Marie's Embroidery

kimmariesembroidery: “ So here is my completed redwork piece. The very top part I figured out from the piece you see next to it which is from Arkhangelsk, Russia (right next door to Karelia which is.

Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova of Russia’s bedroom at the Livadia palace,1911.A♥W

Interior of Livadia Palace was a summer retreat of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, and his family in Livadiya, Crimea in southern Ukraine.