Designed by Koldo Esparza using wild cinnamon sticks.

Love this floral arrangement using wild cinnamon sticks by Koldo Esparza


Best in Show Vinita Khemka-India

Белых;  1024 x 1024 (@58%)

Белых; 1024 x 1024 (@58%)

Au nom de la rose de Umberto Eco                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Au nom de la rose de Umberto Eco Plus Plus

.halve cirkel met mos en rode rozen

.halve cirkel met mos en rode rozen

Artist  Tomas De Bruyne

bamboo sticks or else with vine like ivy Artist Tomas De Bruyne

These would be very unique rustic wedding centerpieces.  Wood slice centerpiece. Artist: Hanky Frèrejean

Great wood and flower sculpture

ภเгคк ค๓๏

Pastel combination with Eucharis, pink and white Anthurium, Lisianthus and ranonculus

Artist Des Fleurs a Fleurs

très élégant

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floral art inspiration pattern texture

making a structure out of dried materials

2012.08.14 - Николь (сессия 3)

- Nicole (Session - August some of the works of Artem Petrov at the International School of florists - designers "Nicole", Moscow

Klaus Wagener - floral lifestyle

They were done for books ("Floral Art", "Two-Face", "Floral Diversty", .



Very similar to the one on display in Gent @Floralien

Onze Calla’s op Floraliëntime Brussel

Artist, Jasper Wu

Artist, Jasper Wu