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Узоры спицами

Like the lace kniting pattern on top, and precisely *that* is the one without a legend for symbols - I think the "U" is a yarn over or yo, and the downward arrow is a ~~ УЗОРЫ ДЛЯ ВЯЗАНИЯ.

Вязание красивой резинки - vyazhemdd.ru


ru Beanie with rick rack rib band

Узор Цветок спицами

Узоры спицами

Cables and bobbles, and a little lace. I would like just one repeat of this as a central panel ~~ Узор Цветок спицами:


Minimalist cable style - chart only


Braid pattern in Russian. Going to figure it out off of the translation.

Узор: ажурные кольца. | Узоры спицами | Постила

Узоры спицами

So impressed by Russian knit designs.

Узоры из жгутов

Knit leaves (cables): charts below

Crossed Loops (traveling stitches) knitting pattern with graph

Crossed Loops (traveling stitches) knitting pattern with graph // for a cowl?

Angel Wings knitting stitch

Angel Wings - Stitch Sample Need to try out on the loom knitting pattern


No chart and instructions in Russian.